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food, friends & fearlessness

Feeling like Trump, his entourage of religious leaders, and their weekly lows, are sapping your energy and making you question your Christian identity and practice?

It's time to party! That's what Jesus would do. 
You are invited to our inaugural  Common Good Commons dinner and watch party, in your home, connected via internet and hosted by  Doug Pagitt.  Join Ani Zonneveld and Barry Taylor around the table. These folks are certain to stir your mind and shift your heart.  

Friday, january 26, 2018 -  5pm PST or 8pm EST.


None of us are alone in this, no matter where you live or how isolated you feel. There are people just like you who are looking for depth and connection as they learn to live more wisely in the way of Jesus. As church pews are emptying and many of those that remain are deciding to hang in, all are called to be more courageous, articulate, and connected with one another. We are joyful before the new dawn and growing and the religion of fear is shrinking.

And we are heaven-bent on celebrating our small (and big!) wins while plotting with other organizations a coming renewal of a new kind of faith in America.

Want to organize a party? Here is how simple this is:
1)   Invite two or more people who you think would understand what's going on
2)   Bake or buy some great bread and cook a soup, and
3)   Connect via Zoom or Facebook with the rest of us!

That's it.  

If you are up for for all the fun and fear-busting, host a party in your home. We would like to know you are organizing so we can send you a small gift as our high-five. Just send a note to Samir at

What would an evening look like?  
There will be 60 minutes of never-before-seen conversation with Ani Zoneveld and Barry Taylor facilitated by Doug Pagitt about stuff that will make you think, laugh, and feed your faith. You would also be able to interact with other Breaking Bread Party groups like yours.

Here is a super-simple guide you can use Breaking Bread Party Guidelines. It includes a link to simple, but oh-so-delicious, six-year-old-can-do-it no-knead bread recipes! 

Let's begin living by the coming light . . . 


NEXT UP in the commons:

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February 23, Frank Schaeffer

March 30, TBD (Working with someone very special!)

April 20, Amy Butler and Jacqui Lewis

May 18, TBD (Working with someone very special!)

June 15, TBD (Working with someone very special!)

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